Censure Measure

Episode Forty-Four: Censure Measure.
In which your best bet is to just keep mum.

Just Keeping The Rhythm

Episode Forty-Three: Just Keeping The Rhythm.
In which a lot of that is going 'round.

Probability Predicaments

Episode Forty-Two: Probability Predicaments.
In which Guy will continue to search.

Transubstantiant, Where Art Thou

Episode Forty-One: Transubstantiant, Where Art Thou
In which Guy was sure he seen a miracle.

Armed Forces

Episode Forty: Armed Forces
In which nothing quite comes together.


Episode Thirty-Nine: Snatched.
In which the Soap Strip folks portend after the fact.

Polyphonic Penumbra

Episode Thirty-Eight: Polyphonic Penumbra.
In which we made America great again.

Always Be Closing

Episode Thirty-Seven: Always Be Closing.
In which the Pharm Life pill is schooled.

Moth Lessons

Episode Thirty-Six: Moth Lessons.
In which Art at once censures and sanctions.

Harvest Festival

Episode Thirty-Five: Harvest Festival.
In which autumn couches our mortality.

Beyond Interpretation

Episode Thirty-Four: Beyond Interpretation.
In which Squidman doesn't miss a trick.

When In Doubt, Dig It Out.

Episode Thirty-Three: When In Doubt, Dig It Out.
In which the soil is the source.

And Everybody Leaves

Episode Thirty-Two: And Everybody Leaves.
In which I am the only tree.

Scale Fail

Episode Thirty-One: Scale Fail. 
In which Art extols the virtue of pluck.

Parallel-o Grams

Episode Thirty: Parallel-o Grams
...in which no one finds their voice.

Mostly Harmless

Episode Twenty-Nine: Mostly Harmless.
In which the Soap Strip folks consider the view.

Slow Slide To Nil

Epsiode Twenty-Eight: Slow Slide To Nil.
In which the woods are lovely, dark, and deep.

A Place To Belong

Episode Twenty-Seven: A Place To Belong.
In which the Pharm Life pills discover elemental dysfunction.

A Very Clean Old Man

Episode Twenty-Six: A Very Clean Old Man.
In which Squidman maintains the feed.

Ties That Bind

Episode Twenty-Five: Ties That Bind.
In which absolution is not a thing.

Full Nelson

Episode Twenty-Four: Full Nelson. 
In which the Pharm Life folk play the soap.

Cockroach Nostalgia

Episode Twenty-Three: Cockroach Nostalgia.
In which Guy gets the Tape.

Proximate Substitute

Episode Twenty-Two: Proximate Substitute
In which Squidman takes honesty for liability.

Resume DNA

Episode Twenty-One: Resume DNA.
In which the Soap Strip folks hit the bricks.

Jungian Claptrap

Episode Twenty: Jungian Claptrap.
In which Art tells it like it is.

Looking-Glass Neurons

Episode Nineteen: Looking-Glass Neurons
In which Squidman puts the voca in irrevocability.

Lateral Mess

Epsiode Eighteen: Lateral Mess
In which sideways thinking yields questionable results.

Nightmare Stasis

Episode Seventeen: Nightmare Stasis.
In which Guy's Unconscious sleeps rough.

Had To See About A Girl

Episode Sixteen: Had To See About A Girl.
In which Guy likes them apples.

Permission Grant

Episode Fifteen: Permission Grant.
In which the Soap Strip folks fail to extend a courtesy.

Dissent Accord

Episode Fourteen: Dissent Accord
In which Squidman establishes a problematic dichotomy.

Steam Dreams

Episode Thirteen: Steam Dreams
In which Guy cuts 'em up like regular chickens.

Waning Blueprint

Episode Twelve: Waning Blueprint.
In which Squidman starts losing his audience.

Fishing For Gold

Episode Eleven: Fishing For Gold
In which the Pharm Life pills describe the Gen X trajectory.

Interval Litany

Episode Ten: Interval Litany
In which the Soap Strip folks face the chaos.

Confidence Issue

Episode Nine: Confidence Issue
In which Guy expresses his fear of the multitude.


Episode Eight: OFFSETTERY
In which you get what you pay for.

Der Himmel Uber Berlin, VT

Episode Seven: Der Himmel Uber Berlin, VT
In which Art imitates Falk.

Fracture Analysis

Episode Six: Fracture Analysis
In which Squidman unspins the spin.

Frost Heaves

Episode Five: Frost Heaves
In which Guy states the obvious.

Marlowe & Me

Episode Four: Marlowe & Me
In which Art laments a co-opted era.

The New Zero

Episode Three: The New Zero
In which the Pharm Life pills lament lost profit.

Mother's Ruin

Episode Two: Mother's Ruin.
In which the Soap Strip folk quibble over semantics.

File Under Futile

Episode One: File Under Futile. 
In which Squidman demeans the disenfranchised.


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