Mostly Harmless

Episode Twenty-Nine: Mostly Harmless.
In which the Soap Strip folks consider the view.

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  1. Frequent admonishments that I am not living properly as an adult, such as, in this case, not curating my career properly, leave me wondering whether my life is a Douglas-Adams-esque mistaken identity parallel universe caper. The Soap Strip line from "Mostly Harmless" (1992), as Dent resolves himself to the cruel randomness of the Universe(s). The Pharm Life line from the TV show "Fringe" (2013), again pointing out that the experience we have is only one of many. In he final frame, Guy realizes, definitively, that he is in the wrong place.

    I don't remember where that sad sack working under Squidman came from, but I'm a fan. He should have his own strip.



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