Yahweh, My Way

Episode One Hundred Seven: Yahweh, My Way.
In which we OT.

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  1. Persistent good fortune leads me to wonder whether Old Testament Yahweh is playing a trick on me to test my impatience. I'm up to the task.

    This one was rushed in the middle of a hectic week, but I was pretty happy with the third panel. The zoom-in of the halftone, and heightening of levels, makes it appear that the character has entered an alternate space, which, naturally, being addressed by God would certainly be. (Wasn't that the premise of a joke in the film "Oh God!"(1977)? That God was appearing in a commonplace manner?)

    Kind of a fuckup, but I'm really, really happy with the expression on myself, sitting at the table. Based on Harvey Pekar, it turned out perfect. And I like the touch that I'm eating a children's cereal when God comes to tell me that I'm Worthy. But I'm having none of it.



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