Transubstantiant, Where Art Thou

Episode Forty-One: Transubstantiant, Where Art Thou
In which Guy was sure he seen a miracle.

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  1. O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000). Have the Coen brothers made a bad film?

    Simply honoring this delightful romp, and the moments that resonated for me: failure as an adult, failure as a father, failure to remain steadfast.

    The Art answer is an Oblique Strategy that randomly came up: Simple Subtraction. I read this as: Remove Clutter (mental clutter) to deal with those feelings of failure. But also, Things Get Removed, i.e., I had a house, it is gone; I had a family, it is gone; I had certainty, it is gone.

    In the voice of Jim Gaffigan: It's so simple!

    Life is about things going away.

    The toad line, of course, a very funny moment in the film when Tim Blake Nelson realizes (or perhaps he doesn't - the character is hard to read) that Turturro did not become a toad. So, the title, 'where did my miracle done gone to?'.

    The panels: Squidman berates a dejected man from a Victorian illustration; the Soap Strip man is Lee Mack, and it kind of bugs me because his expression is a little too sitcom-esque; the Pharm Life pills, again, I winged that panel and it turned out so great. Love it when that happens.



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