Proxy Party

Episode One Hundred Thirty One: Proxy Party.
In which we let loose.

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  1. Making hay about my complaint of alienation from the world, and from society specifically. I live with a constant sensation that I am apart, and often look at other people interacting in wonderment. So, there's a serious concern here that the standees in this guy's party are products of psychopathy, but also I'm making fun of my stubborn conviction by portraying it as a sad joke.

    One unintentional mistake: the head in the left foreground of the final panel was meant to be the back of a head, and so should not have shading. After completing the comic, I realized I had shaded it, so, by the logic of the cartoon, it's facing toward the viewer. This has the inadvertent implication that everyone in the party is facing away from the host, which is a nice touch.

    In the third panel, the shaded figure behind the host has taken on a looming, ominous presence that was entirely unintentional. This, too, inadvertent, and fortuitous: it introduces a Jungian element that extends the possible meanings.

    No tracing whatsoever with this one (except on the titling). I think this was a first...meant to save time, but probably didn't. I didn't get the Soap Strip realism that I was hoping for, but it has an individual style feeling that allows it to breathe in its own way.



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