File Under Futile

Episode One: File Under Futile. 
In which Squidman demeans the disenfranchised.

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  1. The initial Latent Oats, by way of an introduction to the process. Four different strips are cut together to create a non-linear story, which, in turn, evokes its own narrative.

    The first panel is from a strip starring a character named Squidman who represents a censuring or demeaning voice inside my head. A voice of unearned and undeserving authority.

    The second panel takes its style from that of soap opera strips, such a Rex Morgan M.D., which are overly dramatic, and unnecessarily drawn out. This reflects an inner voice of drama and anxiety for me.

    The third panel is from a strip called "Pharm Life" which details the whimsical adventures of corporate pharmaceuticals. This reflects an inner voice that quantifies the value of life, boiling it down to how many pills I am prescribed, and at what dosage. Essentially, the value of life always comes down to money.

    The fourth panel is the "Art" strip in which a Peter Schmidt-esque face from Brian Eno's Before and After Science (1977), or a stand-in thereof, offers a resolution to the three previous panels by way of an art, usually. The resolution put toward the Self Portrait Guy, or SP Guy, or just "Guy" for short, who is often at a loss to comprehend the meaning.

    This is basic outline of how this strip works. It is a collage piece that unravels varying positions I hear sounding off in my head around a particular issue. It does not always maintain this formula - by 2018, I found myself yearning for a less restrictive format and drawing strips that did not adhere in any way, but at it's core it remains a therapy for me, a diary of gestalt therapy role-playing.

    The title of this episode, 'File Under Futile' is, of course, from Eno's Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy (1974), evoking the Sisyphean cyclical process of an endless struggle to go up, and the inevitable falling down.



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