Pharm Life X

Episode Three Hundred Twenty Four: Pharm Life X.
In which we layer.

Art & Guy X

Episode Three Hundred Twenty Three: Art & Guy X.
In which we channel.

Squid Man X

Episode Three Hundred Twenty Two: Squid Man X.
In which we are wronged.

Soap Strip Folk X

Episode Three Hundred Twenty One: The Soap Strip Folk X.
In which we restart.

Not All Solutions Are Possible

Episode Three Hundred Twenty: Not All Solutions Are Possible.
In which we tesselate.

Shift Differential

Episode Three Hundred Nineteen: Shift Differential.
In which we phase.


Episode Three Hundred Eighteen: Inexorable.
In which we are carried.


Episode Three Hundred Seventeen: Hallowed.
In which we resist.

Morning Vector

Episode Three Hundred Sixteen: Morning Vector.
In which we phlegmish.

Denial Of Service Attack

Episode Three Hundred Fifteen: Denial of Service Attack.
In which we avoid.

Interior Paramour

Episode Three Hundred Fourteen: Interior Paramour.
In which old apartments come to visit.

Color Burst

Episode Three Hundred Thirteen: Color Burst.
In which we come up empty.

Art & Guy IX

Episode Three Hundred Twelve: Art & Guy IX.
In which we expose.

Soap Strip Folk IX

Episode Three Hundred Eleven: The Soap Strip Folk IX.
In which we deviate.

Squid Man IX

Episode Three Hundred Ten: Squid Man IX.
In which we apply.

Pharm Life

Episode Three Hundred Nine: Pharm Life IX.
In which we business-up.

Team Player

Episode Three Hundred Eight: Team Player.
In which we set precedent.


Episode Three Hundred Seven: Fracture.
In which we break.

Necktie Party

Episode Three Hundred Six: Necktie Party.
In which we swing.

Art & Guy VIII

Episode Three Hundred Five: Art & Guy VIII.
In which we booji boy.

Pharm Life VIII

Episode Three Hundred Four: Pharm Life VIII
In which we umbrage.

The Soap Strip Folk VIII

Episode Three Hundred Three: The Soap Strip Folk VIII.
In which we belt tighten.

Squid Man VIII

Episode Three Hundred Two: Squid Man VIII.
In which we elder-up.

Swin Gana Mis

Episode Three Hundred One: Swin Gana Mis.
In which we non-converse.

Number 9

Episode Three Hundred: Number 9.
In which we task.

Bargain Blender Shine

Episode Two Hundred Ninety Nine: Bargain Blender Shine.
In which we remember.

Charonining It Up

Episode Two Hundred Ninety Eight: Charonining It Up.
In which we thunk a boatman.

Reporter Signal

Episode Two Hundred Ninety Seven: Reporter Signal.
In which we branch.


Episode Two Hundred Ninety Six: Trivialities.
In which we small-stan.

Error Criterion

Episode Two Hundred Ninety Five: Error Criterion.
In which we sort.

Art & Guy VII

Episode Two Hundred Ninety Four: Art & Guy VII.
In which we dream.

Pharm Life VII

Episode Two Hundred Ninety Three: Pharm Life VII.
In which we deviate.

The Soap Strip Folk VII

Episode Two Hundred Ninety Two: The Soap Strip Folk VII.
In which we intimate.

Squid Man VII

Episode Two Hundred Ninety One: Squid Man VII.
In which we funge.

Architect's Eyes

Episode Two Hundred Ninety: Architect's Eyes. 
In which we recurse.

Naught I

Episode Two Hundred Eighty Nine: Naught I.
In which we mouth.

Heart of Darkness

Episode Two Hundred Eighty Eight: Heart of Darkness.
In which we colonize.


Episode Two Hundred Eighty Seven: LTD.
In which we fail communion.

Art Decoy

Episode Two Hundred Eighty Six: Art Decoy.
In which we clean.

Blind Ambition

Episode Two Hundred Eighty Five: Blind Ambition.
In which what we don't know don't hold us back.

The Fog Of Heritage

Episode Two Hundred Eighty Four: The Fog of Heritage.
In which we age.


Episode Two Hundred Eighty Three: Jetsam.
In which we begin.


Episode Two Hundred Eighty Two: Bleed.
In which we cut and run.

Be Seeing You

Episode Two Hundred Eighty One: Be Seeing You.
In which we are a number.

White Whale

Episode Two Hundred Eighty: White Whale.
In which we vindicate.


Episode Two Hundred Seventy Nine: Deliverable.
In which as promised.

The Trope Of The Ambiguous Ending

Episode Two Hundred Seventy Eight: The Trope Of The Ambiguous Ending.
In which the unraveling begins.


Episode Two Hundred Seventy Seven: Telecast.
In which we on and on and on.


Episode Two Hundred Seventy Six: CV.
In which we best face forward.


Episode Two Hundred Seventy Five: Mechanic.
In which we model.


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