A Place To Belong

Episode Twenty-Seven: A Place To Belong.
In which the Pharm Life pills discover elemental dysfunction.

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  1. Sci Fi TV series Fringe (2008). "And what's in the center?" "Home. A place to belong." The series an exploration of what Home can be, if we are aware the we are fundamentally in the wrong place and there is no finding our way back.

    This is a discussion I have repeatedly with people close to me: that they do not understand the fundamental disconnect I feel in my world. "Oh, everyone has that," is the usual dismissive, unsatisfying retort.

    And yet the journey to find home is nevertheless undertaken.

    I was particularly happy with the depiction of the hand here, holding the medallion. The halftone shading turned out perfect.

    The Pharm Life panel is a computer joke. is the localhost - the computer from which you are pinging. If it is not responding, something is fundamentally wrong with the machine you are sitting at. The journey outward does not progress.

    "Believing doesn't make it true" and "Keep looking up after it rains" are two further quotes from Fringe, the latter the parting admonishment from one parallel twin to another, a plea for a continued optimism - sadly, however, from a vantage of privilege.

    Update May 1st, 2018: I have just watched the first season of HBO's Westword (2016), and this image of the maze is a prominent symbol. Some of the verbiage around the myth of the maze is identical to that quoted in Fringe. Not clear if the myth is common enough story to have similar wording, or if there's a borrowing between writers. The center is not worded as "Home, a place to belong," in Westworld, however. The center typifies something else, the difference could be seen as being significant to the plot. (Not wanting to spoil Westworld as it's fairly fresh.)



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