Scale Fail

Episode Thirty-One: Scale Fail. 
In which Art extols the virtue of pluck.

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  1. Sibling to "Offsettery", this one mirrors a problem we frequently had in the real-life newspaper at which I worked: whoever laid out the comics occasionally scaled them incorrectly so that, at a glance, they are passable, but on closer inspection you find that the words take up three quarters of the frame, and the characters' heads are popping in just above the baseline.

    As an artist, and an anal-retentive, this drove me nuts. It's disrespectful, even for the crappy, dated comics that our paper could never get the balls to update.

    Also a metaphor for hyperbolic/catastrophic thinking.

    The first frame, "I think his forward's coming back", from Roethke's The Hippo. I think it just made sense to give an argument as to why the strip returned un-mirrored from the previous week, but there is also a loving sentiment in Roethke's dream-like depths.

    The second frame, "dark is right", from Thomas's Do Not Go Gentle. Which I suppose gives a sense of "give a shit about it all".

    Art is consoling Guy, who is tired of everything going wrong/out of perspective. The message is: Keep trying, it only has to work once. (If I recall, that was a sentiment in the TV show Fringe (2008) - if they fixed the timeline, everything would be corrected.)



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