What's Yur Mantry?

Episode Two Hundred Twenty One: What's Yur Mantry?
In which we adjust. 

Strange Steps

Episode Two Hundred Twenty: Strange Steps.
In which heels turn black.

≠ Information

Episode Two Hundred Nineteen: Information.
In which we came in on the Streamliner.

Ceci N'est Pas Rien

Episode Two Hundred Eighteen: Ceci N'est Pas Rien.
In which we hollow.

Shadow Court

Episode Two Hundred Seventeen: Shadow Court.
In which we retread.

Liebe Ist Kunst Verloren

Episode Two Hundred Sixteen: Liebe Ist Kunst Verloren.
In which we sepia.

Brain Gainsay'n

Episode Two Hundred Fifteen: Brain Gainsay'n.
In which we dichotomize.


Episode Two Hundred Fourteen: Nuages.
In which we 70's paperback covers.

The Original

Episode Two Hundred Thirteen: The Original.
In which we wonder what happened to that guy.

Stotting In The Snow

Episode Two Hundred Twelve: Stotting In The Snow.
In which we are disappoint.

Ectypal Downer

Episode Two Hundred Eleven: Ectypal Downer.
In which we fail, and fail again.

Repetitions Of Half Meanings

Episode Two Hundred Ten: Repetitions of Half Meanings.
In which we rise liquidly in liquid lingerings.

Ages of Sand

Episode Two Hundred Nine: Ages of Sand.
In we return the receiver.

Einen Kaffee, Bitte

Episode Two Hundred Eight: Einen Kaffee, Bitte.
In which we have a mind.


Episode Two Hundred Seven: Imitates.
In which we can no longer tell.

Children Like Strawberries

Episode Two Hundred Six: Children Like Strawberries.
In which we affricate.


Episode Two Hundred Five: Unnested.
In which we back fill.

Art & Guy IV

Episode Two Hundred Four: Art & Guy IV.
In which we fractal out.

Pharm Life IV

Episode Two Hundred Three: Pharm Life IV.
In which we pirouette.

Soap Strip Folk IV

Episode Two Hundred Two: Soap Strip Folk IV.
In which we transfer laterally.

Squid Man IV

Episode Two Hundred One: Squid Man IV. 
In which we lowest common denominator.


Episode Two Hundred: Ego-Defensive.
In which we attitude adjust.


Episode One Hundred Ninety Nine: Well-Dressed.
In which we toot the cricket's horn.

Neural Knotwork

Episode One Hundred Ninety Eight: Neural Knotwork.
In which we pattern.

All Garble

Episode One Hundred Ninety Seven: All Garble.
In which we navigate.

Boltzmann Brained

Epsiode One Hundred Ninety Six: Boltzmann Brained.
In which we flicker in.

Anthropoid Interpolation

Episode One Hundred Ninety Five: Anthropoid Interpolation.
In which we estimate to exhaustion.

Golden More-Tough-Than-Mean

Episode One Hundred Ninety Four: Golden More-Tough-Than-Mean.
In which we extrapolate.

Genotype To Phenotype

Episode One Hundred Ninety Three: Genotype To Phenotype.
In which we manifest.


Episode One Hundred Ninety Two: Mutteration.
In which we contribute.


Episode One hundred ninety one: Hiraeth.
In which we appropriate.

Art & Guy III

Episode One Hundred Ninety: Art & Guy III.
In which we honor thy error.

Pharm Life III

Episode One Hundred Seventy Nine: Pharm Life III:
...in which we talk the TED.

Soap Strip Folk III

Episode One Hundred Seventy Eight: Soap Strip Folk III
...in which the Stray States.

Squid Man III

Episode One Hundred Seventy Seven: Squid Man III.
In which we ray true.

Daily Dharma

Episode One Hundred Seventy Six: Daily Dharma
In which we check in.


Episode One Hundred Seventy Five: Typing.
In which we examine internal lists.


Episode One Hundred Seventy Four: Empty.
In which we are presented a puzzle piece.

Hard Sell

Episode One Hundred Seventy Three: Hard Sell. In which we do not remember.

Old Conceits

Episode One Hundred Seventy Two: Old Conceits.
In which we trot out the tired.


Episode One Hundred Seventy One: Scraps.
In which we begin to scrape.

Scale Fail II

Episode One Hundred Seventy: Scale Fail II.
In which we lower the wit.

Nusquam Hic

Episode One Hundred Sixty Nine: Nusquam Hic.
In which we be there then.

Membrane Degradation

Episode One Hundred Sixty Eight: Membrane Degradation.
In which we lost the gutter.

Bucket, Listing

Episode One Hundred Sixty Seven: Bucket, Listing.
In which we abandon all hope.

Exit Delay

Episode One Hundred Sixty Six: Exit Delay.
In which we drop the reel.

Minutiae Minutiae

Episode One Hundred Sixty Five: Minutiae Minutiae.
In which we mote it up.

Une Étrange Aventure

Episode One Hundred Sixty Four: Une Étrange Aventure.
In which Tarzan Lost.


Episode One Hundred Sixty Three: Bleached.
In which we scan high.

Sea Song

Episode One Hundred Sixty Two: Sea Song.
In which we lose the plot.


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