Episode Three Hundred Thirty One: Tentative.
In which we will never.

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  1. Return to this affable man conversing with a fire plug as an exploration of the impossibility of achieving a working discourse. In this case, the man cheerily admits the frustration he feels in trying to open a dialog, that the subject itself is a non-starter and inevitably leads to the end of communication and, subsequently, isolation. The fireplug replies by invoking error messages indicating a detection of evident communication breakdown. The man happily concurs, seemingly thinking that the fire plug understands, and is echoing the sentiment. But, as observers, we cannot be certain whether the fire plug is concurring or is genuinely reporting a primary level of disconnect, which is to say, the fire plug isn't hearing the man at all. Regardless, the man is happy as he finds the situation reassuringly familiar.

    Common issue: The text bubbles are confusing ... I should have moved the fireplug's responses to the left of their respective frames and simply crossed the lines indicating the speaker. Stupid and annoying.



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