When In Doubt, Dig It Out.

Episode Thirty-Three: When In Doubt, Dig It Out.
In which the soil is the source.

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  1. Mackenzie Crook's lovely baby, The Detectorists (2014+). Such a sweet, quiet show. Misfits, forever down on their luck, daring to dream of what treasure might be just under the surface. And the metaphor: dig. Dig for the past, dig for your identity, dig to connect to those who dreamed before you. Dig when everyone else looks at you in pity.

    The Soap Strip frame used a collaged image of (Detectorists' lead) Toby Jones and another actor (coincidentally British television star, whose name has escaped me). I don't believe that was an actual quoted sentiment in the show, but it struck me as true to how I feel about my own career / ability to be an adult.

    As it turned out, the drawings in that panel remind me of Inspector Morse's John Thaw and Kevin Whately, and so the panel took on an extra, unintended dimension, of the voice of irascible experience censoring a younger generation. Which is also true to how I feel with internal voices.

    "Even the dirt"... Theodore Roethke. Who else could encapsulate the hidden dimensions of living soil?

    Guy holds a trowel.



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