Resume DNA

Episode Twenty-One: Resume DNA.
In which the Soap Strip folks hit the bricks.

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  1. Resume.

    Restarting a job search, resuming seeking, polishing my resume, resume with the resume. The forever resumption, seeking, failing to reach conclusion, inability to conclude: an essential part of me, in my bones, in my DNA. Resume the process that is in my DNA.

    DNA also Douglas Noel Adams. "I just want to mention one thing, which is completely meaningless, but I am terribly proud of; I was born in Cambridge in 1952 and my initials are D.N.A.!"

    So, also, Resume living the universe given to me by Adams. Resume the absurdity, the odd coincidence, the humorously impossible bureaucracy. The impossibility of meeting job application deadlines.

    The narrative process here is: get over wasted time, take charge, approach the things that aren't appealing but need to be done. And, of course, accept that you'll do so at a limited rate of speed.

    Very happy with the character looking at his watch - if I recall that was a total improv.

    The chiaroscuro face in the second frame (and the quote) is from Fringe (2008+), a close-up of actor Eugene Lipinski as Observer December. It was an image and sentiment that moved me. That frame is particularly satisfying.

    Happy, also, with the Pharm Life pill with the crossed arms.

    Yet, something bugs me about the direction of the fourth frame. Feels like it should be more pithy than humorous.

    Guy carries his curriculum vitae and is dressed for success.



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