Nightmare Stasis

Episode Seventeen: Nightmare Stasis.
In which Guy's Unconscious sleeps rough.

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  1. Recounting my disappointing experience, decades ago, with a cult-ish Jungian therapist who made it clear that my progress was directly related to my own investment. Which is to say, if I did not experience progression, it was my own damn fault. Guess how that turned out.

    This is always a formula for failure for me. I was recently informed by my employer that the cost of living increase, cited in the new employee handbook, was actually a performance increase (with the implication that it was a foregone conclusion that I would fail to perform in a way that would merit the increase). I am not feeling motivated.

    At the time of this comic, I had been dreaming of sleeping in abandoned buildings, and was struck with the imagery. I have also reached a point where I can no longer make it through the night without having to get up to pee, and that aging is a defining point for me.

    Where Old Apartments Come To Visit was one of the original Art lines that I had when I first imagined this strip. I often dream of old apartments I've lived in, or old apartments I've lived in, in the dreamworld.

    Guy is kitted out for a sleepover.



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