Parallel-o Grams

Episode Thirty: Parallel-o Grams which no one finds their voice.

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  1. Following from the previous week, the strip's inhabitants continue to find themselves in a mirrored, parallel universe. To our eyes, their world is backwards...and so we have translation problems: is the mirrored Squidman, here in the frame of resolution, speaking in terms that are to be dismissed? Or is he speaking the truth? I'm still unsure, but it is satisfying to me to put the strip up to a mirror and see how clear it reads on the other side of the looking glass. Upsetting, however, to think of a reverse version of me making a frontwards comic that I don't get to see until HE puts it up to a mirror. That makes my head hurt: just keep our relationship down to flossing and shaving, por favor.

    The Phram Life pills are dancing at the announcement of the retirement of their ineffectual second-in-command. Too little, too late, it would turn out. No satisfaction to be had.

    That's Klaus Kinski in the Soap Strip frame, griping about his role in the production. I'm happy with the face, but the fingers didn't quite turn out properly. Not sure where that image originates, but I'm big on the Fitzcarraldo (1982) & Burden of Dreams (1982) / Apocalypse Now (1979) & Hearts of Darkness (1991) pairings and parallels. Talk about mirror universes. Next time you have a few minutes free, read you some Conrad and crank out those four films. It'll put hair on your chest.

    If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say this strip is about the impossibility of finding meaningful connection between myself and the rest of humanity. (You know, like every other strip I draw.)



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