Full Nelson

Episode Twenty-Four: Full Nelson. 
In which the Pharm Life folk play the soap.

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  1. Held in a headlock by company strategy: as mismanagement and bookkeeping denial led to paychecks bouncing, we continued to be reassured that the foot soldier employees were the ultimate responsible ones. No one ever falls on the sword in that situation.

    The Soap Strip moment from the television show MASH (1972), when Frank Burns is muttering while under anesthetic, inadvertently revealing all his secrets. I was very young, and remember asking for clarification on the meaning of the joke.

    Pharm Life: I was watching Fringe (2008) at the time, and that line stuck out. "How you perceive is subject to our system." This is how you measure your experience here: on our terms.

    This whole strip is a blatant corollary to what was happening at the time, with an entire company facing uncertainty because of a continued denial by those responsible.

    The Art quote coming from some radio documentary show I was listening to at the time - sorry to say I've forgotten the source. It leapt out and stuck with me. Not a question of what to do, but how you convey. My anxiety in the moment is a focus on the wrong issue.

    Guy holds a bindle and is wearing a woe-is-me Charlie Brown sweater.



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