Sausage Establishment

Episode Eighty-Two: Sausage Establishment which no ink was harmed.

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  1. How the sausage is made: the final explanation on how Episode 71, "Query Expressions," came to be - reading vertically through the Quechee Picayune-Emetic, I cut and pasted four panels from the afore-published strips to make a new strip that reflects an inner conflict.

    The final panel here showing a weary reader who, despite the hours of labor that have gone into the comic's preparation, grasps desperately to justify its existence.

    "At least it's for a good cause," is borrowed from Yo Le Tengo's "Yo Le Tengo Is Murdering The Classics" (2006), a CD release of a WFMU fund-raising effort (done annually) by that talented trio in which, in exchange for a donation, they will attempt to play any song you request.

    More often than not, it is amazing how effortlessly the three can pull a viable cover out of their hat. Inevitably, however, their efforts sometimes fall short. To acknowledge this, the cover of the CD release shows a four-panel cartoon of a caller requesting a song, and, on hearing the result, sighs, "well, anyway, I guess it's for a good cause."

    The joke here, of course, being that the Latent Narratives aren't for a good cause at all. Simply a self-absorbed waste of time.

    This is the first comic I've made completely on the computer, hence the 'no ink harmed'. I wanted to realistically (and practically) present a comics page of the Picyune-Emetic. Not particularly time-saving, as it presented a whole new list of challenges.

    ...intrigued to notice, two days after I published this, that there is an unintentional hidden meaning in this one. "at least it's for a good cause" is echoed by the throwaway joke headline that I wrote for the newspaper in the first frame (the beginning of which ended up being folder over): Public Uresis Cause For Celebration. The Good Cause being Public Urination. So, maybe there is a Good Cause the the comic serves after all. "Latent Narratives: Discharging Psychic Excreta since 2016."



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