Episode Eight: OFFSETTERY
In which you get what you pay for.

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  1. A visual interpretation of the sensation that the negative voices in my head bleed into each other. The individual panels have been shifted to the left (as if they are a continuous diorama overlaid with a scrim that delineates the frames); the half-tone pattern (used to shade Squidman and parts of the Soap Strip panel) remains in its proper position. The actors appear confused by the technical difficulty and are hesitating to say their lines. Only Guy can bring himself to speak, and his frustration has him outdone.

    A new character, perhaps from a different strip altogether, has been pulled in at the far right. (This is actually a cameo of Murray Hill from a screen capture of one of his YouTube videos.)

    Very happy with this one. It receives the most compliments. I also love the peach/cream color I ended up with. Everything about this works all around.

    Guy holds a Caprisun juice packet.



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