Interval Litany

Episode Ten: Interval Litany
In which the Soap Strip folks face the chaos.

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  1. A meditation on the frustration of running in circles; the futility of trying to match a measure of time.

    The first frame references an ongoing issue I had coming up against (seemingly) arbitrary rules when trying to take time off, rules that often only applied to me.

    The second frame an image and line from an Outer Limits (1963) episode. A sentiment that very easily could transfer to any relationship I've ever been in.

    Art's declaration, from an Oblique Strategy card, reminds me that even in a lifetime of apparently enmeshed routine, I am always changing.

    Don't recall what Guy is holding here. An Oblique Strategy card? A football penalty card? A matzoh? A bar of soap? He's a mystery sometimes.



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