Had To See About A Girl

Episode Sixteen: Had To See About A Girl.
In which Guy likes them apples.

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  1. Good Will Hunting, 1997. George Plimpton lovely as the humorless authority. Minnie Driver as the Soap Strip voice, though, not exactly fitting - her expression here is real, not self-distracting panic. Stellan SkarsgÄrd as the person who needs to size a life up. "Bad times will wake you up" struck me as one of the truths of the film, all the more poignant to have been uttered by the late Robin Williams.

    It's just a solid film.

    When Will is cleaning the halls of MIT at the very beginning, I'm always transported back to an Infocom game in which you had to maneuver your way past a maniacal janitor wielding a floor waxer in one of the labyrinthine MIT buildings late at night.



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