Dissent Accord

Episode Fourteen: Dissent Accord
In which Squidman establishes a problematic dichotomy.

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  1. Laying out the process of adulthood: always having to rely on others to accomplish needed tasks, yet knowing that they are not at all invested in my success; a permanent childhood. Impossible admin work. Pharmaceuticals that are prescribed merely to address previous prescriptions.

    A friend suggested to me that my tic, when it first emerged and was a full-body convulsion, was reminiscent of 'Authentic Movement' work, that perhaps my body was expressing something my brain was unable to process. (It first manifested as I drove away from my father's memorial, and gradually worked itself down into a less involved head-twist.)

    "Dissent Accord," an agreement to disagree; to live harmoniously with dissidence. An acknowledgement that existence is fundamentally paradoxical.



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