The New Zero

Episode Three: The New Zero
In which the Pharm Life pills lament lost profit.

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  1. A clean, early effort. The Squidman phrase, exotic getaway, another quote from a terrible company vice president who, after giving the state of the union, which, as always, was, "we're doing terrible, you are all lucky to have jobs" (honestly, every presentation she gave was just like that), she then went on to talk about what a great trip she had just returned from in the Bahamas, and enthusiastically advised each of us to do the same. It was mindbogglingly insensitive given our ongoing penury.

    The Soap Strip frame emblematic of deflated anticipation; the Pharm Life strip about disappointingly wasted efforts.

    The Art frame giving us a resolution that seems pithy but is fundamentally unintelligible - like a message from the dream state.

    The title, "The New Zero", from the Rasputina song of the same name off of 'How We Quit The Forest' (1998). I was listening to the album while drawing the strip, and it seemed apt: impermanence and isolation.



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