Fishing For Gold

Episode Eleven: Fishing For Gold
In which the Pharm Life pills describe the Gen X trajectory.

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  1. The disappointment of adulthood, of not reaching the career satisfaction or income level of my father. "All the gout..." This disappointment particularly acute, today, as I talk to someone considering avoiding needed medical diagnostics because her (already unaffordable) health insurance makes diagnostics further impossible to afford. God forbid she actually gets sick.

    Squidman again voicing a sentiment passed on during a company meeting in which the Vice President (again) announced her own promotion and (again) went on to remind everyone how dire the financial situation was.

    St, James' Place referring to the Monopoly board - my post-divorce lodgings residing on one of the shittiest streets in town.

    Art's response comes from German hip hop artist Nina Fiva Sonnenberg, a.k.a. Fiva MC, "Goldfisch", from the album Rotwild (2009). I'm particularly happy with the wavy, svelte manner that Guy appears here...not clear what happened.



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