Cockroach Nostalgia

Episode Twenty-Three: Cockroach Nostalgia.
In which Guy gets the Tape.


  1. Estate crap.

    When my father died, his landlord's office called to reassure me that I could talk all the time I needed, as long as I kept paying rent. I figured this was self-evident, and was curiously insensitive. There is a lot of insensitivity around dealing with death.

    The removal of agency (the illusion of agency?) part of growing up. And calling the IRS to deal with the estate: it is impossible to talk to the person performing the actions on their end, and the process of granting power of attorney to my accountant on my end, onerous (for me, at least). Hours on hold to finally talk to an intermediary who, like me, does not know what is going on. Every transaction becoming a horrible, demoralizing, game of 'telephone'. Kafkaesque. Hard to impart how awful this experience has been.

    Art's lament is itself a line from Kafka.

    Guy holds a threatening letter from the IRS.

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