Cascade Effect

Episode Eighty-Five: Cascade Effect which down is up and minus is plus.

Dental Fricative

Episode Eighty-Four: Dental Fricative which the Pharm Life Pills are in the dirt.

A Tinker, A Tailor

Episode Eighty-Three: A Tinker, A Tailor
In which the Soap Strip folk fall from specific.

Sausage Establishment

Episode Eighty-Two: Sausage Establishment which no ink was harmed.

Art & Guy

Episode Eighty-One: Art & Guy.
While Oats is having a banality fitted, we present the fourth of the 4 original strips that comprised "Query Expressions" (Episode 71). Originally published Feb 29,2018, in the Quechee Picayune-Emetic. Reprinted with permission.


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