Moth Lessons

Episode Thirty-Six: Moth Lessons.
In which Art at once censures and sanctions.

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  1. Don Marquis, Archy and Mehitabel, "The Lesson of the Moth" (1927?).

    The second and third panels from the poem itself - two sentiments that have resonated since I first read the poem some thirty-five years ago. The Squidman panel was a quote that came up as I was casting about thinking about this particular strip. The futility of art, the pointlessness of it...a sentiment that never goes out of style in my brain.

    The Art resolution is an Oblique Strategy that came up while contemplating this strip. Possibly unintended in the original card, it seemed to hold a double meaning that I found compelling: simultaneously record (honor), and prohibit, one's expression.

    Guy holds a moth-attracting/obliterating light bulb.



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