Permission Grant

Episode Fifteen: Permission Grant.
In which the Soap Strip folks fail to extend a courtesy.

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  1. Chewing on interpersonal relationships.

    The first frame is something that a coworker had said to him in a work setting when he demanded to know why he was continually left out of key correspondences. Direct and succinct, if not astoundingly honest.

    The second and third frames have to do with divorced co-parenting. Frustrating bullshit.

    The final frame advice from a friend: that I give myself permission to let loose and let go. Not likely, however. Like Issac Davis in 'Manhattan' (1979), "I can't express anger. That's one of the problems I have. I grow a tumor instead."

    I am particularly happy with the Squidman's tentacles, and the shading in the second frame. (That's Paul Newman in front of that 70's style grading.) I was riding off the high of realizing what was possible with halftone shading in Steam Dream from just a couple of weeks prior.

    The pleasure of the first two mitigated by the jerky nature of the third frame: it works, but it is a little crappy. But, what the hell - it's a cartoon.

    I don't remember what Guy is holding in the final frame: is it a music cd? A wallet? A 3.5 inch floppy disk? A pop tart? He seems bemused by Art's suggestion.



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