Soap Strip Folk IX

Episode Three Hundred Eleven: The Soap Strip Folk IX.
In which we deviate.

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  1. This was the depiction of an ominous dream I had, if I remember correctly. Wandering lost in an industrial wasteland, with no hope of communication, and suddenly I stumble upon a military clean-up operation and realize that I've somehow managed to wander into the middle of it. I have no idea what is going on, or in what way I might already be harmed, but I'm really wishing I wasn't there and I don't know how to get out. Further, there's a sense that these folk are not benevolent, that they're not here to help me.

    The peach coloring likely an attempt to recall the glory days of the 'Soap Strip Folk' comic from several years ago, the one with the joke about 'Occam's Emery Board'. Brilliant that. Also echoing from earlier Latent Oats is the image of industrial chemical factories which I recall from the strip about Iggy Pop's 'Mass Production'.

    It's solid, and the feeling of being unsafe from the dream persists even now, but there's something about this one that doesn't fully line up for me.



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