Pharm Life VII

Episode Two Hundred Ninety Three: Pharm Life VII.
In which we deviate.

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  1. Looking this over I think I mis-worded the sentence in the second frame. It should be 'I will have known the day having passed, and yet not know it as it passes presently'. My guess is, looking at this about a month later, that I was re-wording that panel to get the text to properly fit each line, and I somehow flubbed it. Also, I was likely tired. Anyway, this was a one-off joke that occurred to me as I was motivating myself to get started on the weekly comic, and I realized that I was baffled by my absence in the present moment throughout the day. Even as I write this comment at 7pm, I don't know where this day, today, has gone.

    Fairly happy with this. It has the clean look that I think the Pharm Life strip should have, and the lettering came out nicely. I think the overall joke is good: evident, but still subtly delivered.

    It's worth noting that even as I knew this was a conscious effort toward making a full strip (two weeks down the road) I still let myself fall into the trap of this being a five-panel comic, meaning that all of the frames are too small to match with the other three in the strip. These are something in the range of three and a third inches each, and so when added to the other three of four-panel comics (four-panelers are usually four inches and four and a quarter inches) they don't add up to the full 16 and 3/4. I ended up putting the fourth panel here in to a four inch frame and extended the sides as if it was originally from a larger image and had been cropped down for this week. It works fine, but was still an annoying amount of unnecessary work. This happens to me with stupid frequency.



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