Squid Man X

Episode Three Hundred Twenty Two: Squid Man X.
In which we are wronged.

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  1. A solid showing in the Squid Man, inner voice of censure, category: simple, clean, logical. The voice follows me throughout my life, starting with the internalized criticism of my shifted sleep schedule, which first manifested when I was an infant. Then, as a young man (or as Doonesbury image of a young man, which was impressed upon me as an archetype when I was a young boy), who doesn't quite fit in with the outcasts. Then, as a middle-aged man, who, here, is wearing the ubiquitous blue blazer (as proposed by my father, though the ubiquity never presented itself for me). He has been shot through a Dutch angle, unintentionally, accenting my skewed position. And finally, the ghost of xmas future, which I will likely never live to see, who has been reminded that his life plan (or health plan - it's not clear which) turned out to comprise mainly wrong turns. (Is that the correct use of comprise? Not sure why my choosing to use that word feels like a prime example of the strip.)



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