Heart of Darkness

Episode Two Hundred Eighty Eight: Heart of Darkness.
In which we colonize.

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  1. This week is a 'meh'. I look at this and all I see are my shortcomings as an artist.

    The idea is solid, though. As always, I am engaged in a totally one-sided argument with my cat, and it culminates in my lording a presupposed superiority. Humans are really good at putting themselves at the center of the universe.

    There's an affected artsy concept here in which all the action is just out of frame. I think it almost works, but really it's just about my having trouble drawing effectively (particularly on short deadline), so I moved the difficult bits out of frame. Not sure if it works.

    It is 'clean', though, and I admire that restraint. (And by clean, I mean I've refrained from frantically scribbling. Clean lines.)



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