Episode Two Hundred Eighty Seven: LTD.
In which we fail communion.

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  1. The text of this strip was from a short story published in Clarkesworld Magazine, and as a spoken word podcast posted by Clarkesworld online in March, 2010. I've been slowly moving forward from the inception of the Clarkesworld podcast, and this episode took particular notice because I think it would have been dropped just a few days before my father unexpectedly died.

    The short story is "The Things" by Peter Watts, and it is a compelling retelling of Carpenter's 'The Thing' POV the alien. The lines quoted in the strip stuck out to me, and I saw them as echoing my own sense of alienation. I've taken the lines out of context, and put the alien as living in the world in different places, throughout different times.

    Frame 1 was modeled on a Rudy Burckhardt NYC street image, ca. 1950 (?). Frame 2 from an early 1900's Chicago image, photographer unknown. 3 from a shot of the Berlin Wall, 1960's, photographer unknown. 4th frame is from Richard Sandler, 'Grand Central Terminal', 1990.

    I'm happy with this, although it feels a little busy / scratchy.



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