Pharm Life

Episode Three Hundred Nine: Pharm Life IX.
In which we business-up.

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  1. I feel like this one needs a few rewrites. I was thinking back to my time working with groups of young men, and the importance on correctly conveying coded masculinity. Soccer wouldn't have passed muster.

    So, there's a dual struggle that I'm thinking about with this joke. On the one hand, I fail at being masculine. And on the other hand, that failure is analogous with my failing to be neurotypical. In that light, *every* interaction is a struggle to get the coding correct. Incorrectly reading soccer as an acceptable sports metaphor to use in a meeting is just the kind of mistake a neurodiverse person would make. Correct ballpark, wrong ball.

    All cultural, naturally. This wouldn't play the same outside of the US in a country in which soccer was a dominant sport.



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