Not All Solutions Are Possible

Episode Three Hundred Twenty: Not All Solutions Are Possible.
In which we tesselate.

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  1. This comes from a question on Only Connect that described tesselation patterns beginning with three-sided, four-sided, and ending in six. The third in the pattern, which one could infer to be five, was defined as not possible.

    This intrigued me. Earlier that day I had watched an HR video on maintaining a positive attitude, and part of the discussion focused on setting up a daily prayer or meditation routine, watching sleeping and eating habits, and even noted the importance of smiling. That smiling bit really triggered me, as I've seen studies noting that it can be counter-productive advice for certain people. Annoying.

    So, when I realized that it is impossible to tesselate a pentagram on a flat surface, it struck me as personally relevant. There are some things that are just not possible, and are a waste of time to continually try.

    I mean, I get it why the HR department has a need to try to legislate against pessimism in the workforce. But there's a legal precedent for stating 'no sexual harassment' or 'no discrimination' based on certain parameters. There is no legal precedent for 'happy', however, and trying to dance around that seems dodgy, particularly in an age that is increasingly recognizing the need to accommodate neurodiversity.

    The blob of color in the third panel was unintentional, but welcome. I have no idea what it might signify.



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