Architect's Eyes

Episode Two Hundred Ninety: Architect's Eyes. 
In which we recurse.

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  1. I had this idea for most of the week, but the execution still was rushed and last minute. I'm a little embarrassed at the haphazard nature of the drawing, but I'm also a little proud of the fact that I completed it in time and also managed to get a good amount of clean up in post. The strip itself, the idea of the strip - a self-referential joke - is simple and, frankly, stupid. But at the same time I know it's important to practice making simple jokes and strips that are capable of being followed. So, all that said, I guess I'm ok with this one. For the moment.

    I was watching another Scandi Detective show, and again, the investigator had to convince a witness to go over the events. This happens every fucking week on every fucking show. I know it serves a purpose in establishing character for a number of folk in whatever series, but it's starting to feel clumsy. Don't know who to write to complain about it.



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