Soap Strip Folk X

Episode Three Hundred Twenty One: The Soap Strip Folk X.
In which we restart.

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  1. Rewatched The Bletchley Circle (2012, ITV), a period drama about UK codebreakers from WWII having trouble to adjusting to post-war England. Bound by The Official Secrets Act, they are forced to subjugate their analytical talents under conventional gender roles.

    The dialog in this comic comes from another part of this episode than the character blocking, and is spoken by other characters. Dismayed, here, at the final frame. For some reason Rachel Sterling's character came out forty pounds heavier than anticipated.

    The sentiment, anyway, resonating with the start of my new job. Drowning in technical information and feeling unable to surface. So the error code definition describes both my need to recite from memory lists of arcane processes, data sets, and protocols, as well as a sense that my own internal spiritual growth needs to restart from the beginning.



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