Episode Two Hundred Eighty Three: Jetsam.
In which we begin.

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  1. Post-employment unease. Waking, frequently, at three a.m., and laying awake until daylight. Apocalyptical dreams. Getting up at noon to a paradoxical sense of immobility and being adrift. Feeling washed up.

    The first panel from an image of an NVIDIA VGA card. I hoped to invoke a sense of a crowded, anonymous city. Not sure if it worked, but I am somewhat happy with the result. The skulls in the lower right were entirely unanticipated; I believe they were round, flat capacitors.

    The second image, of course, Patrick McGee from The Prisoner - Rover looming. I was immersed in the series at the time, and was taken with the clothing.

    I don't remember where the third frame came from. It might have been a Junji Ito-esque Japanese body-horror image. Crab arms and tentacles are evoked, at any rate.

    The final image was a stock photo of an old man on a bed. Oh to have enough hair for distinguished gray.



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