Number 9

Episode Three Hundred: Number 9.
In which we task.

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  1. This was in response to task #9, a series of tasks done in the style of Taskmaster as organized by a couple of young UK aspiring comedians. The task was to make something surprisingly beautiful. I blew the deadline, but the following week there was a prompt that we all better get on it, and so, in the spirit of the Taskmaster community, I thought I'd put something together. Unfortunately, their deadline was for a Tuesday, which conflicts with my Monday evening deadline for latent oats, and so I figured I'd just join the efforts.

    Problems, and I pointed this out to the mini-Taskmaster when I submitted: One, A G&T is never 'surprisingly beautiful' ... it's simple, and route one, but in that simplicity is its own beauty. Not surprising. Two, it's not a 'surprisingly beautiful gin and tonic', it's a drawing of a gin and tonic. I had am image of Greg Davis (referring to it as a 'shit drawing of a gin and tonic') skewering those two points on the red velvet stage.

    Anyway, mini-Taskmaster was more kind, point out the style as appealing, but if there was ever a grading of the submissions I think I might have missed it. That person is involved in creating a podcast, now, though, so it's possible that other priorities are occupying their time.

    I'm happy with a number of elements in this one. The Bombay bottle came across nicely, and all the drawings are simple and clean and not overdone, which is a rarity.



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