Art Decoy

Episode Two Hundred Eighty Six: Art Decoy.
In which we clean.

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  1. Art Deco celebrated by four representatives. Another edifying cartooning week brought to life with satisfying clear and repeated patterns.

    From left to right: A close up of a travel poster for the 'Pacific Star Mirage' railroad drawn by Nicholas Gaetano (contemporary, I think ... 1981 (?) ... it's absurd to me that 1980 is nearly as far from 1930 as we are today from 1980). The next two are from Deco-inspired interior design patterns (wallpapering?). And the final from an image of the Chrysler building in NYC, completed 1930.

    All satisfying in their clean geometric repetition; the final one - the only from a photograph of an actual 3D physical rendering - a compromise away from perfection with it's shadow artifacts coming across as decay (to me, anyway).

    As with most 'needlepoint sampler' strips, this is so satisfying. The green an attempt at approximating a 1930's soft green hue. The title a pun on Deco, and also a nod to the habit that thinking about art is often a distraction from the yawning void. Or, rather, I guess I should say that is what I see the pun to be.



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