Art & Guy VII

Episode Two Hundred Ninety Four: Art & Guy VII.
In which we dream.

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  1. I had spoken too soon when I said creating a set of (fake) originals that culminated in a collage strip was easier than trying to come up with an original strip each week. This one proved troublesome, and I ended up moving text around and re-laying lettering in post production. It ended up eating a lot of time, but I'm kind of happy with the result.

    It's a real story, though, these experiences haunting my night. I've been trying to return to a regulated sleep pattern, with little luck, and when I do go to sleep at ten or eleven, I end up waking at three with night sweats and stomach cramps and have weird nightmares. I kind of wish the 'appliances' speech bubble wasn't hidden up there in frame two; that was an honestly poignant bad dream I had representing failure of a kind.

    So, Guy is telling Art, here, that he's finally less interested in dream analysis - in these haunting images that disturb his sleep - and more interested in just sleeping. And, in typical unhelpful fashion, Art replies with a random Oblique Strategy: Cluster Analysis. I don't know what it means in data science (I guess I kind of do), and I can't imagine how it ended up in Eno's deck of cards. Perfect response in it's annoyingness.

    Still mulling it.



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