Shift Differential

Episode Three Hundred Nineteen: Shift Differential.
In which we phase.

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  1. Months later, I am going back trying to complete all the comments on these strips. I've been away from the comic, having been focusing on a new job and also having lost steam, and I'm surprised to see that this one hadn't elicited my input. Surprised because it's one of my favorites, and the original is displayed prominently over my desk - I muse on it all the time.

    That's Sean Connery, in an early role, in the second frame - though the radiating circles were my own touch.

    Perhaps I hadn't said anything because I don't have much to say. It's a strong entry and contains a lot of elements that motivate me visually in the surreal side of this comic: four unrelated images competing for substance, each pulling from their own strengths. A melting clock; a classically-depicted-for-comics dramatic male; a slice of anatomical drawing; a sturdy cage of strong verticals and horizontals (this may have come form a stained glass...I no longer remember).

    It works and it's satisfying to look at.

    I'm sure of it, though I really have no idea why.



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