Bargain Blender Shine

Episode Two Hundred Ninety Nine: Bargain Blender Shine.
In which we remember.

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  1. Last minute panic entry inspired by a number of vintage Japanese book covers. I follow an account on Twitter that posts images from these covers, and some of them are stunning. These are close up takes of some of those designs, yet another meditation on patterning. I felt that the first one (redone, significantly, to meet my intent) signifies my place in life at the moment: blindfolded, and facing the opposite direction. Everyone else (or is it the discarded attempts at my own personae?) breaking away, floating off. Or am I destroying them, disrupting the order in which they start out?

    The second frame is a close up of an ancient (stylized Greek?) design of braids and curly beard.

    The third is an image of me peering through a lattice (or prison bars). And the fourth an exaggerated repetition of an abstract cover design, only this time it brings to mind a cartoon I did years ago on dreaming that I was sleeping rough, in vast abandoned spaces. ...I think it's time for me to make some progress on finding a job.



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