Episode Two Hundred Ninety Six: Trivialities.
In which we small-stan.

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  1. This is an actual thing that I experience. I've tried to discuss it with several therapists and physicians and, to a person, no one seems to have the slightest interest in exploring it with me. It seems to be that the consensus is that as long as I am not losing the cognitive dissonance that it is not a 'real' experience, it's not worth spending time on. I find this interesting. By which I mean annoying.

    50/50 on the result of the strip. Second frame not quite what I was hoping, the hands on the therapist in the third frame are a little wonky, and the jacket in the fourth frame was botched. Still, the first frame turned out well in that it wasn't overdrawn. So, there's some satisfaction of restraint there. The text is a little small ... had I not procrastinated until the last minute, I would have resized a bit.

    The fourth frame was modeled from Jack Arnold's 1957 The Incredible Shrinking Man, which is such an amazing film.



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