Episode Two Hundred: Ego-Defensive.
In which we attitude adjust.

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  1. The handful of strips that I call the 'Icon People' have all referenced an issue I'm having at work where I'm obsessing over having been told that I was known to have an 'attitude problem' in response to my trying to raise legitimate organizational concerns. This phrase obsessively imprinting until it, itself, morphs into an icon inside my brain - represented, here, by an airplane's flight control 'attitude indicator' - a plane with wings set against a horizon.

    So, there's both a processing of feeling dismissed and censored, while simultaneously there's a meditation on how thought uses iconography to become language, and an acknowledgment of inherent pitfalls therein.

    Originally, the attitude indicator was drawn in the comic inside a circle, the lower horizon grayed-out in stippling. This mulling over 'attitude' dominated the character's musings until they broke from his speech balloon and soared off into the sky to join the murmerations of thousands of other endless, angry bitchings from around the world.

    In this installment, the attitude indicators return, and (perhaps incidentally) kill the icon character on a fly-by.

    As has been the recent tendency, this strip was more hastily put together resulting in what I see as sub-par renderings. Look at the cloud, ffs. Embarrassing. Can't help feeling that a little more time spent on the indicators would have made a big difference in clarity here.



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