Episode One Hundred Seventy One: Scraps.
In which we begin to scrape.

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  1. Table scraps. This one is several unrelated pieces from the cutting room floor.

    I don't even remember where the first two frames originated, but I think they are several years old.

    The third was timely, and last minute, and refers to the position we find ourselves in: wartime, ad-hoc, having to turn up and find out you're outgunned and also not at all what the manager was requesting. This position has become the perennial excuse for sloppiness and lack of communication: 'seat of the pants' is the watchword of the day, and a code for "this will likely cause you a lot of work on the receiving end". But who's complaining? Not I.

    Also third frame: anticipated supply-line ripples affecting medication availability. Our (American, apparently) entitlement of getting healthcare, medication, etc, at the drop of a hat, now changed. You take what you can get, and you like it. This is an adjustment.

    The final frame, John Green from his Anthropocene Reviewed podcast, June 28, 2018, on the Lascaux cave paintings: even just standing in the cavern with the paintings caused them damage, and, so, this poetic sentiment. Brought to mind a line from Theodore Roethke: 'dissection is a virtue when it operates on other men'.



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