Art & Guy IV

Episode Two Hundred Four: Art & Guy IV.
In which we fractal out.

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  1. Afterthought execution to meet the A&G strip requirement needed for the following weeks' Latent Oats ... I'm happy enough with the idea that came up, but there's something wrong with the execution of the fractal image: it looks more like a snail or a growing monster than the *idea* of 'fractal'. It's a little small, but I'm not sure making it larger would have worked either. It's a little frustrating.

    The first frame is confused - I need to plan speech balloons a little more carefully so that it's clear that Guy speaks first and Art second. This is a problem I have all to often, and it's stupid that I can't even take the time to fix it in post.

    The final panel from a random Oblique Strategy. I was attracted to the callback to Algorithmic art (episode 94 - fuck me, that was two years ago already?!?) but the sentiment doesn't appeal to me at all in these nihilistic days, or make any sense. I can't be alone when I say this has been a really fucking difficult year.

    This comic is a solid enough effort, but I don't connect with it, per se.



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