Children Like Strawberries

Episode Two Hundred Six: Children Like Strawberries.
In which we affricate.

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  1. Four frames from a research text on speech formation / disorder. I'm always drawn to simple cross-section medical diagrams, and including the word 'fricative' in the title of an earlier comic has garnered more robot comments than any other thing I've done. I was taken with the second image here, which reminded me of elevators, and I was happy to see the mapping of "Children Like Strawberries" - presumably a graph of tongue positioning, exhalation pressure, or some other anatomical formation used as that phrase is uttered - manifests as sketches of faces. Also, I can't stop thinking that it's not necessarily true: Children don't always like strawberries. I never did.

    This one turned out well & I am happy with it. It doesn't fulfill the potential I originally saw in it, but it stands on its own.



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