Scale Fail II

Episode One Hundred Seventy: Scale Fail II.
In which we lower the wit.

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  1. The week consumed by layoffs and terrifying news. Fatigue. It felt healthy, even patriotic, that Sunday, to spend the day focused on something else. In this case, the something else an elaborate pun on 'scale'.

    Even as I published, however, it felt less healthy, as the body count piled up, and the World comes to terms with potential economic disaster, and President Trump grows ever more menacing. Enjoying our selves feels more and more like a luxury.

    Working GIMP I'd been noticing 'scale' in 'scale layer', and suddenly the word struck me as weird. Fairbanks scales were, at one point, the industry standard in scales. But how do you calibrate an industry standard using the industry standard? I figured, to calibrate a Fairbanks scale, you'd just need a pile of them.

    And so, from there: weak puns on the word scale.

    An Octatonic Scale, as far as I know, a type of musical scale involving eight notes. To calibrate that scale, you need eight different tonics: hair tonic, nerve tonic, kidney tonic, etc. This selection of tonics ideal for the job.

    Calibrating the Cosmic Scale should always be attempted in the middle of the night, in the dark, when the enormity of our insignificance is most acute.

    And, finally, a fish scale. In this case, a Pike. Calibrate the Pike's scale using five Pike scales, still intact in the fish itself. Pike just struck me as the funniest sounding fish name to stick there. Monosyllabic, and it has the comedy 'k' sound. Looking up pictures of them, I hadn't imagined they were so large.

    Quite happy with it - a new direction.



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