What's Yur Mantry?

Episode Two Hundred Twenty One: What's Yur Mantry?
In which we adjust. 

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  1. Looking back a few weeks to the 'the way in which you're trying not to think is wrong' strip ("Brain Gainsay'n"). Today I expound on that theme by noting that my introversion/caving-to-social-anxiety is self-protection from other folk's ego-traps (i.e. yoga groups are all a power game of superiority).

    I joke, but it is the case that I've run into plenty of folk who treat yoga (and, subsequently meditation) as an achievement ladder that requires focus and goals, equipment and body-dysmorphia, timetables and social stratification, and all this bugs me to no end. And I also joke, but it is the case that I am more than capable of dumping all that shit on myself without the assistance of an expert.

    The title was something my brother once quipped to me when I was in high school and he was cutting firewood for a living in central Indiana (his business was called 'Chop City'). I was visiting over summer, and was musing culture clash.

    Happy with how the models turned out. Inspired by Stan Drake? I don't recall, now, but it's incongruous enough to be funny.



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