Episode One Hundred Sixty Three: Bleached.
In which we scan high.

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  1. Errol Morris's "Wormwood" (2017), which for some weird reason has taken me forever to finish despite the fact that repeatedly returning to it is always so gratifying. It's a substantive exploration of conspiracy, crass government corruption, and the hole that the bureaucratically unfulfilled resolution over a father's murder has has carved into one man's life. The first two frames from that show, the second a screenshot that did not meet my collage-looking intent, but it ended up being satisfying in a 'Ed Koren' fuzzy way.

    'Let this go' a repeated message that I am unsure I can incorporate, to my ongoing detriment.

    The third, a line from the youtube channel Numberphile, "Prime Surprise (Mertens Conjecture)" (2020). This was a phrase that resonated, but also a touch on the inspiring wonders of mathematics - ideas my salvation.

    That last frame a response more than a resolution (hinting at my current state of affairs): the Voyager missions, barely audible out beyond the edge of the solar system. Not sure the drawing turned out as I hoped, but the half-tone shading on that planet (moon?) is not bad.



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